16. About the author

Leonardo Balliache is a power electrical engineer that left high voltage lines, transformers and protection relays in 1983 to dedicated full of his time to computer sciences.

He is the General Manager of OpalSoft, a venezuelan company dedicated to business packages software development.

In 1989 he started learning Unix using Coherent operating system. After this he was interested in Linux and specially in bandwidth bottleneck problems, bandwidth controlling, packet filtering and hierarching, Linux QoS (Quality of Service), advanced routing, network protection, firewalling, private network connection through the Internet and solving line and server load balancing problems.

His company will be opening a new area of business offering Linux QoS solution implementations in Venezuela.

Married to Cielo, with 3 sons (Jose, Dario, Gustavo), he can be reached at leonardo@opalsoft.net. He is working now (please be patient) to open a QoS Linux information site at http://opalsoft.net/qos/ to interchange knowledge with people interested and to make his works in the Linux "best of all" operating system available to the public.

April 30, 2002

Caracas, Venezuela